The Believers (2013) Installation at Bond House Gallery


Digital prints 84 x 84 cm and texts mounted on shelves 29 x 42 cm


(Photo: courtesy Charlotte Warne Thomas)


Peer Sessions: TRIALOGUES

/ / three residencies / / three artists / / three exhibitions


Peer Sessions (Kate Pickering & Charlotte Warne Thomas) present the second of their residency projects at ASC Gallery in Southwark. The project extends Peer Session's ongoing commitment to post-graduate level peer-led education and collaboration, through a series of three short residencies. Three groups of three artists will work together in the gallery space to create new work, resulting in three exhibitions. A publication and educational workshops will accompany the project.


Participating artists:

Kate Pickering / / Emily Rosamond / / Steven Levon Ounanian (4th-11th April)

Charlotte Warne Thomas / / Tina Hage / / Claudia Djabbari (25th April-2nd May)

Lisa Selby / / Vera Kox / / Megan Broadmeadow (16th-23rd May)